Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #231 Other Half & Trillium Triangle Test

Welcome to a Nerdsense lesson in beerducation! I’m kidding, we don’t know enough to teach you anything.

This is Other Half & Trillium Triangle Test! We got our hands on the T-90 as well as the combination of T-45, T-90 and Lupilin Powder! We do them side by side and see how hop size can really change a beer.

Style: Double IPA
Container: 16oz Can
Glassware: Trillium The Streets & Stemmed NS BS Snifter
T-90 Notes: It’s hopped 100% with Citra T-90 and receives 2 dry hop additions. T-90 pellets are made by taking whole hops and milling them to powder before reforming them into pellets which retains roughly 90% of the original hop material. (8%)

T-90, T-45 Lupulin Powder Notes – Brewed with Golden Promise malt and 30% flaked oats. This version is hopped in equal parts with all the Citra hop products and is double dry hopped at an even higher rate. (10%)

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