Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #157 Trillium Amarillo Sunshower

“Super” Saison? Sure, we’ll try it.

Style: “Super” Saison
Container: 16oz Can
Glassware: Flutes
Notes: We allow the fermentation temperature to free-rise, resulting in a dry beer with strength and complexity. Layers of pepper and earthy characteristics that play nice with the crisp, smooth backbone of a pilsner and wheat malt bill. (8.5%)
Rating: 3.25/5

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews -#155 Burial & Night Shift I Know For A Fact You Don’t Party

Oh…we party! This is a collaboration between two fantastic breweries. Burial from Asheville, NC and Night Shift from Everett, MA. Can they combine their forces to make a stout to end all states? Watch and find out!

Style: Imperial Stout
Container: 16oz Can
Glassware: 2017 Night Shift Barrel Society Glasses
Notes: Imperial Stout is brewed with Pilsner, pale chocolate, flaked barley, Blackprinz, honey, Beechwood Smoked, Cherrywood Smoked, Carared, and Double Roasted Crystal malt. Coconut sugar and brown sugar round out this heafty stout. (10%)
Rating: 4/5

Nerdsense – Episode 105 – Wonder Woman

Oh man oh man. Two episodes of Nerdsense in a week? What year is this? 2016?

In the latest episode, your humble hosts are here to give you their take on Patty Jenkins’ entry into the DCEU, Wonder Woman. Is it good? Bad? The best? The worst?

You’re gonna have to listen to find out. Cheers!



Trillium Congress Street

Hoof Hearted Did We Just Become Friends?

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #152 Treehouse Alter Ego

We’ve got the Hyde to Julius’s Jekyl. Julius dry hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo!

Style: IPA
Container: 16oz Can
Glassware: Treehouse Teku’s
Notes: What we did here is we took a whole bunch of Mosaic and Amarillo hops, a classic punch of citrus purveying goodness, and added them to the Julius dry hop. The base beer is exactly the same, but the dry hop is altered tremendously. (6.8%)
Rating: 4.5/5

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #150 Night Shift Morph #50 05/30/2017

It’s Morph batch #50! Mike and I  recorded our review onsite the day it was released! Can’t get much fresher than that. Minus a few planes, this is definitely our best off site video to date.

Style: IPA
Container: Draft
Glassware: Pub Glass
Notes: Citra, Waimea, and Idaho 7 hops; brewed with oats. Notes of grapefruit pith (4.5%)
Rating: 4.25/5

Nerdsense – Episode 104 – CWDCTVU Wrap Up

After another self imposed hiatus, we are back to give our thoughts on the most important nerdy news, like Zack Snyder’s sudden withdrawal from the upcoming Justice League film, and our mini-review of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The meat of the episode, however, is our pseudo-retrospective on the latest seasons of CW’s DC roster, Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow.

We give you our opinions as a whole, which was our favorite, what we thought worked best, what maybe didn’t work so well, etc. It’s a can’t miss if you’re a fan of DC and Marvel film and movie properties. Cheers!



Night Shift Cow Tipper

Hoof Hearted Tickling Ivories