Beers with Reid – #9 Night Shift Bennington

Style: Oatmeal Stout
Container: 16oz Can
Notes: New England fall essentials include pumpkin carving, leaf-peeping, and a can of Bennington, of course! Named after one of the best towns in Vermont to snag some fresh syrup, Bennington is a deep dark oatmeal stout with dutch-processed cocoa and maple syrup. With notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar, Bennington is a smooth sipper for a crisp fall day. (7.3%)


Nerdsense Drinks Coffee – #11 Recluse Banko Gotti Natural & Special Prep

Banko Gotti Natural

Ethiopia is known for having some of the best coffees in the world and Banko washing station is know for having the best cherry selection in Ethiopia. Only the ripest cherries are selected and and promptly put on raised african beds. These raised beds help contribute to ideal temperatures and help with air flow. Regular turning of the coffee and the airflow help prevent mold and allow for more favorable drying conditions. When the moisture in the coffee has been reduced between 11% and 12% the coffee gets milled and exported.

Banko Gotiti is a part of the YCFCU (Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union), which promotes sustainable coffee from the co-ops in the Gedeo region of Ethiopia.

Banko Gotti Special Prep

This is a washed processed coffee from various small producers that contribute their cherries to the Banko Gotiti washing station. Banko is in the Gedeb district of the Gedeo Zone, where Yirgacheffe is located. There are about 300 members that contribute a mix of heirloom ethiopian varieties for quality sorting and processing. This particular lot of coffee was a special preparation lot that was performed at the washing station that included a more rigorous sorting of cherries from beginning to end of the process. The coffee was cleaned and depulped, fermented for 48–72 hours before being washed, then given a soak for 8–16 hours before being washed again. It was dried on raised beds for 9–12 days. All of the extra preparation shows in the cup with it’s clean sparkling profile.

Nerdsense Drinks – #507 Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout Café de Olla

Style: Imperial Stout
Container: 500ml
Notes: We added coffee beans and cold coffee to Original Bourbon County Stout and then enhanced this beer further through additions of cassia bark, orange peel, and panela sugar. The resulting beer is layered in complexity. Coffee and orange permeate the nose and are followed by notes of cinnamon, chocolate, and a pleasant sweetness. (13.5%)

Nerdsense Drinks – #506 Stone Xocoveza Charred (2015 Vintage)

Style: Imperial Stout
Container: 500ml Bottle
Notes: Time spent in bourbon barrels gave an already complex beer even more complexity and flavor intensity, layering additional caramel-like and vanilla flavors on top of those already present. Aromas of rich coffee and dark chocolate are followed by nutmeg and cinnamon; a lush, heavy mouthfeel laden with charred oak and toffee engulfs the palate on the first sip. (10%)

Nerdsense Drinks – #505 Almanac Truthful State (2015 Vintage)

Style: Sour Imperial Stout
Container: 375ml
Notes: This dark sour ale was inspired by classic Old Fashioned cocktails. We fermented a velvety imperial stout with our house sour culture, then aged it in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels alongside sweet Bing cherries and freshly zested oranges to create a rich, tart stout that’s perfect for sipping on cold winter nights (9%)