Nerdsense Drinks – #389-390 Idle Hands Craft Ales & Double Citra Four Seam Review

This week we reviewed Idle Hands latest release in the “Seam” series, Double Citra Four Seam. We went off on some tangents in the review so decided to make a separate video while we gushed over how great Idle Hands is.

Style: IPA
Container: 16oz can
Glassware: Teku’s
Notes: We took our Flagship IPA and dry-hopped with twice the amount of Citra than normal. Thus resulting in intense flavors of candied citrus and background notes of dank, tropical fruit.(6.6%)

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #386 Trillium Permutation 109

Style: Imperial Stout
Container: 750ml
Glassware: Teku’s
Notes: Permutation 109 draws inspiration from two of our favorite inductions in the series so far: Numbers 52 and 57. Like those batches, for this special beer we took an imperial stout aged just over two years in bourbon oak barrels and blended it with a fresh stout brewed in stainless fermenters. Next, we added coconut, almond, vanilla bean, and our Trillium blend cold brew to amplify the palate with bold depth and decadent flavor. (12.4%)

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #385 Tree House I Have Promises to Keep

Style: Double IPA
Container: 16oz can
Glassware: 16oz Tree House Snifter
Notes: It is brewed with copious doses of Nelson and Citra in both the kettle and the dry hop. It tastes and smells strongly of citrus, sweet sauvignon blanc grapes, and gooseberries. It is loaded with flavor and yet maintains an easy drinking, mouth watering appeal.(7.9%)