The Site

Nerdsense was originally launched back in 2010 with the intention to be a blog about all things nerdy. This lasted for about two posts. Nerdsense sat dormant for two years when I received a six month Beer of the Month subscription. I decided to use the website to review each batch in a blog post. Again, this lasted around two posts. I attempted to get friends involved and contribute, but it never got off the ground. Fast forward another two years when my buddy Mike and I decided to start a podcast knowing I had the perfect domain name.

The Podcast

The Nerdsense podcast probably would have never come to if it weren’t for Kevin Smith and his SModCo network. We started listening to Fatman on Batman and SmodCast but soon discovered the comic gold that is Hollywood Babble-On. One day, probably after lots of drinking, we decided to do a podcast of our own. Our first attempt was a commentary of the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film. Initially, we were just going to use this site to house the podcast and the occasional blog, but after a lengthy bout of day drinking, I suggested we call the podcast Nerdsense. Mike agreed. There were no complaints the next day so I assumed it wasn’t just the alcohol talking.

The contributors


I’m an all around nerd and IT Professional by trade. I like long walks on the beach while debating Batman’s cowl ear sizes


I’m an all around positive guy. Big fan of movies, music, beer, and Oxford commas. And I like turtles.

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