Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #292 Barrier Money

Style: IPA Container: 16oz can Glassware: Foam Glass? Notes: You got Money on your mind. Now you hold Money in your hand. 500 mill to be exact. Smells stanky. Piece of advise? Don’t save your Money. Party like a rockstar. Get air like you just don’t care. Because when you go through all your Money, […]

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #288 Other Half Space Hallucinations

Galaxy. Boom. Style: TripleIPA Container: 16oz can Glassware: STREETS Notes: Space Hallucinations is an Imperial Oat Cream IPA. It is the continuation of our Space Dream/Space Daydream series, getting our dream/daydream treatment with a heavy dose of oats and a hint of lactose before being hopped with a hallucinogenic amount of Galaxy. Dry hopped 3 […]