Episode 30 – The Christmas Tree Shop Has Dumb Toys

There is ALOT going on in this episode. I know Mike and I promised a BIG BIG episode 30 to make up for our lackluster episode 25 and I think we kind of did it!

Two of the beers we drank were EXTREMELY great and hard to get so it worked for what we wanted. EPICNESS. We also spent a good 30 minutes talking about the Christmas Tree Shop. We knew wanted something different with Episode 30 and Christmas Tree Shop talks is VERY different.

We still discuss some nerdy topics though! These topics include:

  • Batman spotted on the Suicide Squad set!
  • Stephen Amell wrestling on the WWE as Arrow!?
  • Deadpool Wraps!
  • Superhero Beatdown – Green Ranger Vs Ryu

As usual, complete nerdy nonsense!


Hill Farmstead Harlan – http://hillfarmstead.com/ancestral-series/harlan-ipa.html

Nerdsense Oatmeal Stout – No Untappd yet – Kind of ehh

The Alchemist Heady Topper – http://alchemistbeer.com/

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