Beer of the Month Club Batch #2

Lancaster Milk Stout
Brewery: Lancaster Brewing Co.
Style: Milk Stout
Glass: Guinness type pint glass
Look: Dark with a brownish creamy head
Smell: Chocolate, Malt, burnt and roasted coffee
Taste: Roasted coffee, toffee, little bit of a chocolate. Slight sour note. Carbonated
Aftertaste: that after cup of coffee taste

Really enjoyed this but as most of you may know, I really enjoy a good Stout. This really had that good burnt coffee and toffee flavor.
4/5 mugs

Duke of Wellington Pale Ale
Brewery: Granite City Food & Brewery
Style: English Indian Pale Ale
Glass:Sam Adams perfect pint glass
Look:Amber light with a fizzy head
Smell:Malty, apricots, and almost alcohol like flavor
Taste: Caramel, malty and bitter
Didn’t really care for this beer. It was kind of bland but not in the good way you would expect from a English ale.
Wolters Fest Beir
Brewery: Hofbrauhaus Wolters
Style: Marzen
Glass:Pilsner Glass
Look: Very Translucent amber with decent head
Smell:German malts and honey
Taste:Caramel, malty,  end is kind of puckers lightly carbonated, sort of creamy

Easy to drink.  I enjoy a good OktoberfestMarzen. I would say I’m a little spoiled after sampling a lot while in Germany for 3 weeks last year. This was very drinkable but I wouldn’t say it’s anything special. I actually like Wolters Pilsner more and I’m not a big pilsner guy.
Wolters Pilsner
Brewery: Hofbrauhaus Wolters
Style: German Pilsner
Glass: Pilsner
Look: small head with a golden crisp carbonated look
Smell: malty with grassy notes. small amount of hops
Taste: very light and crisp. Almost sweet with just the perfect amount of carbonation. Great for a nice hot day

Now I’ve never been much of a Pilsner guy. I pretty much turned it down for a week straight while in Germany until one night we ran out of Marzen so we had to pop open the growler of Pils. Since then I have started to open up more to pilasters but haven’t really found any that caught my eye. I actually really enjoyed this one. I could see myself drinking a few of these on a warm day.