Nerdsense & Ninety Three Lumber – #1006 Fox Farm The Cavern (Smoked Doppelbock)

Beer Details
Style: Smoked Doppelbock
Container: 16oz Can
Notes: Once again, Thrall Family Malt graciously prepared a small batch of custom smoked malt – this time, their Connecticut-grown barley was smoked over native oak. Rounding things out are a blend of local and German character malts along with restrained additions of Spalt Select and Tettnang. The Cavern was lagered for over three months. Our favorite examples of Rauchbier and Doppelbock walk a fine line. Assertive smoke character that doesn’t cross over into acrid or overly phenolic is a tricky balancing act while complex and bready (but clean) maltiness without trending too sweet is the key to a great Doppelbock. The challenge may be great but so is the payoff -a deeply comforting and richly flavored beer that drinks with ease. (7%)

Equipment used:
Behringer Q1202USB
Logitech c930e
iPhone 11 Max
Rode VideoMic Me
Logitech c920

Software used:
OBS Studio
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Filmic Pro for iOS

Theme music courtesy of Sean Rohrer
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