Nerdsense Listens – Episode 2 – The Tale of the Wrestler and the Rapper

Holy shit shaft Batman!! A new Nerdsense Listens?! This can’t be right, there hasn’t even been a regular Nerdsense in 3 weeks!!!

I know, we’re just as shocked as you! As I mentioned on the Social  Mediaz, we are getting some new equipment and while testing it we decided to do an impromptu episode of Listens due to the shorter length than a normal Nerdsense.

Before you ask, no, this was not recorded using the new equipment as the testing didn’t go as well as we had hoped. The new equipment will debut on the next Nerdsense Podcast which should be recorded this upcoming Wednesday!

In the meantime let Mike and I tell you about a band fronted by a wrestler and a metal band fronted by a rap star! Your faces will most likely melt off.

Body Count – Manslaughter 

Fozzy – Do You Wanna Start A War?

Yes, you read those right. Ice-T’s BODY MOTHER FUCKING COUNT and Chris Jericho’s little metal band, Fozzy.

Your ears will be pleasantly surprised, trust us


Josh also joined us at Nerdsense HQ to chime in a few times on his dislike of both albums. He didn’t care for them very much.


21st Amendment Down to Earth

Stone Pale Ale 2.0

Harpoon Summer Beer

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