Nerdsense Episode 109 – Holiday Special 2017!

It’s the Nerdsense Holiday Special! That means lots of drinking and exchanging of nerdy gifts! We give our year in review! All of Nerdsense’s favorite things!

We’re joined by our good buddies Josh and Reid. Even Kyle from No Hype Beer Reviews makes an appearance to have a beer with us.

So crack open a beer or pour some bourbon into a glass of egg nog and join us for 2+ hours of beer drinking, gift giving and all around Christmas cheer! Oh and yea, there are tangents and rabbit holes…it wouldn’t be an episode of Nerdsense without those!


Trader Joes 2016 Holiday Ale (Brewed by Unibroue)

Night Shift Morph #56

Treehouse Doppelganger

Treehouse Bright with Nelson

Trillium Dialed In with Moscato Juice

Trillium Fireplace Bananas

Many more I can’t remember….

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