Nerdsense Drinks Reviews -#155 Burial & Night Shift I Know For A Fact You Don’t Party

Oh…we party! This is a collaboration between two fantastic breweries. Burial from Asheville, NC and Night Shift from Everett, MA. Can they combine their forces to make a stout to end all states? Watch and find out!

Style: Imperial Stout
Container: 16oz Can
Glassware: 2017 Night Shift Barrel Society Glasses
Notes: Imperial Stout is brewed with Pilsner, pale chocolate, flaked barley, Blackprinz, honey, Beechwood Smoked, Cherrywood Smoked, Carared, and Double Roasted Crystal malt. Coconut sugar and brown sugar round out this heafty stout. (10%)
Rating: 4/5

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