Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #149 Fieldwork Pulp Free

You guys may remember our review of FieldWork Pulp from a couple months back. It blew our minds. Well, it blew Shaun’s mind. Mike still really like it. This is their West Coast version of it, Pulp Free!

Style: IPA
Container: 16oz Can
Glassware: Nerdsense Snifers Snifters
Notes:High bitterness, excessive dryness, and the same over-the-top dry-hopping of Citra hops deliver the expected Fieldwork flavor profile and explosive aroma in a San Diego package. The abundance of Citra hops create an aggressive aroma that smells like a drive through a citrus orchard in peak of season, with notes of fresh orange, yellow grapefruit, and juicy sweet mango trekking from the first sniff to the last sip.(6.9%)
Rating: 4/5

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