Nerdsense Drinks – #586 Proclamation Ale Company Flummox

Perplexed? Confused?
Why the F is an “ale company” making a pilsner?

Chalk it up to lack of foresight: Guess we should have had a 5-year plan projecting our future workday drinking preferences.

We can’t always drink 11% Gloop-Glop-Juice-Bombz and 14% Ring-Ding-Cake-Pop pastry stouts. We got forklifts to drive and beers to shotgun. There’s work to be done and we have to stay hydrated.

Hope that cleared things up a bit.

Beer Details
Style: Pilsner
Container: 16oz Can
Notes: Made with fresh, locally malted grains from Stone Path Malt in Massachusetts and hopped with a “new-meets-old-school” blend of Saaz hops grown in the Czech Republic and a touch of Motueka from New Zealand. The result is a refreshing, crisp, lightly bready Pilsner with a gentle swath of grass, lime, and citrus in the finish. Clean. Simple. Crispy. (5%)

Equipment used:
Behringer Q1202USB
Logitech c930e
iPhone 11 Max
Rode VideoMic Me
Logitech c920

Software used:
OBS Studio
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Filmic Pro for iOS

Theme music courtesy of Sean Rohrer
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