Nerdsense Episode 109 – Holiday Special 2017!

It’s the Nerdsense Holiday Special! That means lots of drinking and exchanging of nerdy gifts! We give our year in review! All of Nerdsense’s favorite things! We’re joined by our good buddies Josh and Reid. Even Kyle from No Hype Beer Reviews makes an appearance to have a beer with us. So crack open a […]

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews -#226 Night Shift Darkling 2016 Vintage

Oh shit! When was the last time we reviewed a Night Shift beer that wasn’t part of a head to head?! Morph 50? Maybe! Who cares though because we have 2016 fucking Darkling! Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout Container: 750ml Bottle Glassware: Darkling Glasses Notes: Rich, luscious, decadent and freakishly smooth bourbon barrel-aged […]

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #223 Foam & The Answer Two States

We’ve got some Foam and The Answer! All in one growler! Two brewing heavyweights! Style: DIPA Container: 750ml Growler Glassware: Foam Glasses Notes: Two States clocks in at smooth 8.0% and has strong notes of pineapple, mango, orange creamsicle, passionfruit, soft pine, and stone fruit. This beer is double dry-hopped excessively with Galaxy and Mosaic.(8%) […]

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #221 Idle Hands Six Seam

We got our hands on a can of Idle Hands latest DIPA, Six Seam! We fucking loved Four Seam so let’s see how this fairs. Style: DIPA Container: 16oz can Glassware: Snifters Notes: Six Seam was produced with a focus on MosaicĀ® hops, which helps deliver the smooth, pillowy mouthfeel and reduced bitterness characteristic of […]