Episode 38 – Overrated Villains

This weeks episode is pretty much all news! We discuss a recent interview with Jessie Eisenberg about BvS while hitting upon some fun cast photos from the Suicide Squad. WWE Summerslam! Stephen Amell wrestles! The big piece is released Captain America: Civil War concept art showing who’s side each Avenger will be picking. Will it be […]

Episode 37 – Radio Edit

We have Jason back with us this week! There are a lot of things to discuss this week. We hit on the past weeks nerd news including a very big Batman V Superman rumor that sounds awful but the evidence makes it sound more and more likely. We won’t post it here in case you […]

Episode 36 – Piper’s Final Pit

Nerdsense is back with another episode. Everything is evolving, and we’re adding new wrinkles. This episode we pay respects to the late great ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, and with that, also pay respect to our respective pasts as former pro wrestling fans. And we use that to venture into some surprising news to come out of […]

Episode 35 – Big Ones, Small Ones

We review Ant-Man!  However, before reviewing Ant-Man we decided to torture ourselves. Mike, Josh and myself do a blind taste of four of those “yellow” beers. Miller Lite WINNER! Pabst Blue Ribbon Budweiser Sapporo Our old friend, Ray, joined us as sort of an off to the side guest. He poured the beers into numbered cups […]