Nerdsense Drinks – #725 Notch Here Comes a Regular 2.0

Beer Details ******************************* Style: Schankbier Container: 16oz can Notes: Schankbier is a German strength classification for beers roughly in the 2-3% ABV range, and as a category, it can include any style. Here Comes a Regular v2.0 is a Bavarian Pale Lager in malt, hop, process and flavor. (2.8%) ******************************* Equipment used: ******************************* Behringer Q1202USB […]

Nerdsense Drinks – #707 Notch Brewing Desítka

Beer Details ******************************* Style: Czech Pale Lager Container: 16oz Can Notes: Process wise, this beer is as traditional as it gets in the Czech Republic; triple decoction, open fermentation, natural carbonation and lagered forever. It’s these extra steps that make a 4.2% pils something special enough for a 10 year anniversary beer (4.2%) ******************************* Equipment […]

Nerdsense Drinks – #680 Notch Here Comes A Regular

Beer Details*******************************Style: Czech Pale LagerContainer: 16oz CanNotes: Czech Pale Lager. Osmička. 8 Degree Plato. Open fermented. Naturally carbonated. Lagered forever. (2.4%) *******************************Equipment used:*******************************Behringer Q1202USBLogitech c930eiPhone 11 MaxRode VideoMic MeLogitech c920 Software used:OBS StudioAdobe Premiere Pro CCAudacityFilmic Pro for iOS *******************************Theme music courtesy of Sean Rohrer*******************************Check us out at all the places! #beerreview #craftbeerreview #videocast […]