Nerdsense Episode 117 – Titans Ep 9 Hawk and Dawn

No birds or aliens this week folks! Shaun and Mike jump on skype to record Episode 117 to discuss Titans Episode 9, Hawk and Dawn!   Beer Trillium Pom Pom Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Nerdsense Episode 116 – Titans Episodes 7 & 8

Listen as Shaun and Mike dish on the last two episodes of Titans! Robin and Starfire mass murder a bunch of people and new glimpses of the batmobile plus Wonder Girl! All and more in this weeks episode of Nerdsense! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | […]

Nerdsense – Episode 115 – Titans Episode 5 & 6

Two Robins and a batmobile!? Check out Nerdsense Ep 115 for all the details on Titans episodes 5 and 6! Beers Heist Mango Burst North Coast BBA Old Rasputin XX Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Nerdsense Episode 114 – Titans (Doom Patrol)

Mike and Shaun get together again to watch Titans. We watch it lights off! Will Raven’s antics this week cause Mike and Shaun’s fold out chairs to move closer to each other?! Hit play and find out how deep their hands go into the tub of popcorn! Beers Other Half & Crak – Panna, Fragole, […]

Nerdsense #113 – Titans Episodes 2 & 3

From Hawk and Dove to the back of Bruce Wayne’s head, the boys dive into Titans Episodes 2 and 3!   Beers Tree House – Spiritual Unrest Equilibrium & Evil Twin – Even More Wave Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Nerdsense Episode 112 – Titans

Yep! It’s another episode of podcast! Audio only for your ears whether it be on your commute or just lounging around. Mike and I share our thoughts on DC’s premiere episode Titans! Does Robin really want to fuck Batman? Is Raven as full of teen angst as the trailers lead us to believe? Listen in […]

Nerdsense – Episode 111 – Batman Day!

It’s Batman Day so Shaun and Mike dusted off their headsets and recorded a podcast to talk all things Dark Knight! Buckle up because this will probably get weird. Present Shaun is writing this burb before the recording so Future Shaun and Mike better settle the fuck down tonight so Future Future Shaun doesn’t need […]

Nerdsense Episode 109 – Holiday Special 2017!

It’s the Nerdsense Holiday Special! That means lots of drinking and exchanging of nerdy gifts! We give our year in review! All of Nerdsense’s favorite things! We’re joined by our good buddies Josh and Reid. Even Kyle from No Hype Beer Reviews makes an appearance to have a beer with us. So crack open a […]

Nerdsense Episode 108 – Justice League Review

SPOILER ALERT! Nerdsense is back again, and this they’re not demolished. Weird. Your humble hosts just got back from watching Justice League and couldn’t wait to record a podcast to give you their immediate feedback. They didn’t even have enough time to get a good buzz! This is a SPOILER filled venture, so be warned. […]