Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #254 Fieldwork Coffee Town

Reid and Shaun are awful human beings. Style: Milk Brown Ale with Coffee Container: 32oz growler Glassware: Snifters Notes:All parts of Coffee Town Milk Brown work together to elevate the heart and soul of Brown Ale to the next level with a heavy-handed influence of iced latte.(5%)  

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #250 Fieldwork Galaxy Sauce

Cheers to Chauncey at AllThingsBeer510 for sending this beer over! Style: DIPA Container: 16oz Can Glassware: 16oz Snifters Notes: Big, sticky, juicy, and hazy; this Double IPA drinks like a cloud of pineapple that rains its juicy perfection down onto your fortunate taste buds with a satisfying reprieve. The mild malt character lends a hint […]