Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #210 Other Half Triple Cream

Triple Cream in our mouths! There’s a joke in there somewhere! Style: Imperial IPA (TIPA) Container: 16oz Can Glassware: Nerdsense Snifters Notes: ! We then hopped it with Wai-iti, Kohatu, Ekuanot, and Citra. This was followed by a triple dry hopping, including an all Galaxy hop final dry hop and tons of Citra lupulin powder […]

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #207 Hoof Hearted Dragonsaddle

Dragonsaddle by the folks at Hoof Hearted! What did we think of it!? Did we hate it like The Beerdiful thought or did we suck it’s dick!? Watch and find out! Style: Triple IPA Container: 16oz Can Glassware: Trillium The Streets Glasses Notes: The flavor profile is full-on drippingly ripe tropical fruits: Mango, guava, papaya, […]

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews -#206 Industrial Arts & C.I.A Zesty Enterprise vs Night Shift Rose

Battle Beers! Peppercorn saison vs Peppercorn saison! Cheers to No Hype Beer Reviews for sending us the Industrial Arts & C.I.A collabeeration! Style: Saison Container: 16oz Can Glassware: Snifters Notes: Rose: Saison brewed with rosemary, rose hips and pink peppercorns. (7.6%) Zesty Enterprise: Meyer lemon zest, pink peppercorns and rose hips amplify the already spicy character as […]

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #205 Treehouse Hold Onto Sunshine

We’ve got some HOTS!! Style: Coffee Milk Stout Container: 16oz Can Glassware: Treehouse Teku’s Notes: rich and delicious stout intended to be savored and enjoyed as we enter the cool Autumn months here in New England. Brewed with Pale and Chocolate malts, Lactose, Coffee, Cacao, and Peanut Butter, it exhibits notes of rich milk chocolate, […]