Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #115 Oskar Blues Ten Fidy 2016

The behemoth Ten Fidy makes its way back to the table and it didn’t bring any of its ancestors or barrel aged cousins with it. It chose to fly solo and demolish Shaun and Mike’s taste buds all on its own! Style: Imperial Stout Container: 12oz Can Glassware: Nerdsense Snifters Notes:This titanic, immensely viscous stout is loaded […]

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #112 Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptista

Mike was unavailable for this recording so our good buddy Larry filled in! It’s probably for the best as Mike would have most definitely hated this beer. Style: Imperial Stout Container: 22oz Bomber Glassware: Teku Glasses Notes: Big Bad Baptista is a combination of Vanilla, Cinnamon, Mexican coffee roasted by Blue Copper, and Solstice Chocolate cacao […]

Nerdsense Drinks Reviews – #109 Exhibit A The Cat’s Meow

Another local Mass brewery comes out with a super tastey IPA. It’s the bees knees! Wait no, it’s The Cat’s Meow! Style: IPA Container: 16oz Can Glassware: Nerdsense Snifters Notes: (From Website) Smell. Taste. Consider. Enjoy. Repeat. This beer features Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado hops. (6.5%) Rating: 3.75/5