Episode 45 – Vermont Awakens

Shaun and Mike are joined by their brother-in-beer, Matt. They are sampling beer, talking about their respective introductions into drinking beer, the origins of their friendships, brewing and having a great time talking about one of their favorite subjects: Star Wars. It’s a little nerdy, a little silly, and a little… umm… actually, it’s a […]

Episode 44 (Ep 41 Pt. 2) – Alcohol Fueled Nerdality

Holy shit! If you’re reading this then you are in a for a treat. We could technically call this Episode 41 Part 2 but we’re changing it up! Don’t adjust your headphones as this is the coldest open we’ve ever done. Mike blocked Dan from Facebook! Oh the horror!! Despite all the moonshine and inebriation […]

Episode 43 – You Have Failed This Podcast

Flash and Arrow both had their season premieres this week and dive right in! Listen to what we loved and what we hated! Also listen for stuff that made no sense! We’re joined by Mike and Josh’s cousin, Jonathan who’s home on leave from the Air Force! We also hit on some nerdy news including […]

Episode 42 – I’m Batman, Mother Fucker

Mike and I watched the first 40 minutes of The Death of Superman Lives prior to recording so we give our initial thoughts on the aborted Superman project and what we thought worked and what was absolutely ridiculous. For anyone that has watched it, you will know that the title of this weeks episode comes from […]