Episode 41 – Japan is Made in China

We have another new guest with us this week! Our good friend, Dan, joins us. This is kind of a continuation from last week as we dive deeper into Funko Pops. Dan has a rather large collection. Here’s a picture of Dan’s crazy Funko collection!   This is actually Part 1. Yep, we have another […]

Episode 40 – Very Schizophrenic

We have a new guest in the Nerd Den this week! Our good friend Jonathan. We hit on a lot of nerd news from the past week! We dive back to our inner child and discuss Funko Pops and other collectibles we love putting on shelves. As discussed here is the link to Something Terrible. […]

Episode 39 Part 2 – Our Rocks (aka Yep, We’re Drunker)

…And now…for the sequel nobody wanted: Part 2 of the conversation between your beloved hosts and their somewhat-better half’s. If you liked the first episode, this is more of the same, but everyone is somehow more drunk and slurry. Just when you thought Shaun and Mike couldn’t possibly be more inebriated… Some people claim it’s […]

Episode 39 Part 1 – Our Rocks (aka Yep, We’re Drunk)

This very special episode is one half of a two hour conversation between Shaun and Mike, and their significant others, Kerry and Chan. This is an alcohol-fueled stream-of-conscious conversation, and it’s weird. But maybe you’ll learn something about your slurring, mumbling, drunken hosts… Or maybe you’ll be left wondering how they ever got laid in […]