Episode 32 – Did you think you broke it?

Jason’s back in the Nerd Den and the conversation almost instantly goes to self pleasuring. Figures. We discuss the Game of Thrones finale and Batman films that never made it into production, Batman Unleashed, Batman Beyond and Darren Afronsky’s Batman Year One. We also open this months Loot Crate live on air! As always, we […]

Nerdsense Brew Day!

Mike and I finally brewed our first 5 Gallon batch of Ferocious IPA!  We were supposed to brew this a few weeks ago but didn’t have enough time so we opted to do another 1 gallon batch. Since this was our first 5 gallon batch, we chose not to record during the process in order to make […]


I’ve been skeptical about “true” wearable devices since the first Pebble was announced. I guess that wasn’t the first “true” wearable. That would probably be the calculator watch, right? The first wearable device that would allow you to look at 80085 with a flick of your wrist! Anyways, for the sake of argument, we’ll say the […]

Episode 31 – Top 10 Comic Book Movies

This week we’re joined by Josh! We go on another tirade about the awesomeness of the Christmas Tree Shop but not as long as last time. The big topic of this episode is the Nerdsense Top 10 Comic Book Movies! We saw a list a week or so ago on Screencrush that was WRONG. Yes, I […]