Episode 25 – Tardiness

This is our not-so-big episode number 25! I know we promised a big spectacular blow out… But the four of us were unable to do the commentary actual justice. So, this is just the small bit at the beginning, before we started the commentary and a small bit after as well. It’s all we got. Sorry. […]

Nerdsense Listens!

More expansion! Yup! Another cast! This time Mike and I will be doing some short music related podcasts! I’m not sure I want to say we’re going to review albums, more air out our thoughts. It should be an interesting discussion. I consider myself a giant music nerd but have no musical skill whatsoever. Mike, on […]

Nerdsense Episode 25 Extravaganza!

No, this isn’t the actual post for Episode 25. We haven’t recorded it yet but we just wanted to build the excitement! We have some awesome stuff in store. We’re hoping to pick a move or show to commentary on in the next couple of days. We’ll tweet it out when we decide so you […]

Nerdsense Plays!

I’m sure most of our listeners wonder “Where is all the videogame talk? They claim to be nerds so they surely must game!?!?” Well we do, well, Jason and I do. Mikey enjoys them from time to time so videogame segments would really just be Jason and I discussing while Mike plays with himself. So, […]

Episode 24 – House Emergency

We have Jason back at Nerdsense HQ this week to discuss the new Avengers trailer. We dive into what we think would make a great Batman show! We also offer some sweet nuggets into what to expect from our 25th episode. Beers Trader Joes Stockards Oatmeal Stout – http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/10707/5688/ Unita Brewing Co. Tinder Rauchbier – http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1416/110865/ Wrong […]