Episode 11 – Redemption

In this weeks podcast we get a little more serious. We discuss my new baby girl, Kaylee Grace Furey, and how I’ve been dealing with a newborn for the last week. Mike discusses one of his musical projects, Tom Rogers, that he is doing with his brother Josh and our friend Sean. You can find […]

Episode 10 – Clerks Fail (About Mike and Shaun)

This is an extremely short episode where Mike and myself give a little background on who we are, how we became friends and how this site and podcast came to be. We recorded it on August 16, 2014 but wanted to wait to release it since it was rather short and didn’t really go into […]

Episode 9 – The Realization

In this weeks episode we are joined once again by our good friend Jason. We don’t usually start each podcast with sad news but Joan Rivers passed away the day of recording so we felt the need to touch on everything she brought to the entertainment industry. We also discuss recent casting news in the […]